Friday, March 19, 2010


I asked 3 peoples opinion about the blog posts and received feedback from 2 1/2 people. Linda didn't want to hurt my feelings. "The answer is": It's too long!
Of course they are,the posts are supposed to be too long. Using a cliche, it is a work in progress and I hope the writing improves. I think it can only go in one direction. My goal is to graduate from this pinball motion stream of consciousness to a tome interesting enough to hold readers attention and interest. SPOILER ALERT, the posts are not for those dependent on 8 second edits and video game action. I hope to draw you into the books not usually on your reading lists or give you a generous scoop from the pool of common knowledge. If brevity is the soul of wit, circumlocutory verbosity will be the sine qua non of my navel gazing insights. More on Robinson Crusoe soon.


  1. I am interested to see how your blog develops- I think your first blog was an appropriate length for the subject matter. However, I think you need to speed up your posting. Still waiting to hear more about Friday. If your blog posting ends up like your Flickr posting we are in trouble.

  2. Agreed! More posts! And more response to comments! It's not like you are busy! jk