Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Man Friday, Robinson Crusoe cont.

Robinson Crusoe continued. My Man Friday.

The deconstruction and banishment of White Protestant European Male authors by feminists and ethnic studies practitioners was probably a direct result from readings of this book. It is tragic that their personal abhorrence of cultural imperialism and European white male supremacy precludes them from the grasping the opportunity to compare attitudes of that day with the evolution of the currently popular “Diversity Gospel”. We have come 180 degrees in our treatment of race and culture. We now celebrate diversity as if diversity has some intrinsic meaning or value. Look here for more on that.

The fractionation of what was the Soviet Union along ethnic lines suggests sameness is more inherently valued than diversity. It seems as if when any ten people get together somewhere in what was the Soviet Union they want to form a sovereign state founded entirely on their tribal, ethnic, religious or language uniformity . I am afraid to mention the state of war that exists between Islam and infidels. It is too far off topic. Diversity certainly has no place in the warrior culture. Identical haircuts, uniforms, quarters, and treatment of individuals showing no favoritism is central the success of the US military.

On to the story. Friday was a cannibal brought to the island by a rival cannibal tribe for ritual killing and eating. This ritual requires a big bonfire on the beach for roasting the prisoners. This must be the origin of beach bonfire cookouts. Crusoe rescues Friday, but not before he allows several other prisoners to be killed and eaten. This rescue requires killing the members of the rival tribe. Allowing cannibals to be killed and eaten did not bother Crusoe all that much as it was another heathen being killed. He would have intervened earlier if it had been White Christians on the fire. As Friday is dark skinned and a heathen, he is immediately taken by Crusoe as a servant or slave. This action was obvious to Crusoe as this is Fridays “place” in the Universe. Crusoe names him Friday (Crusoe never thought to ask if Friday has a given name,) as he was rescued on Friday. Crusoe has Friday call him “Master”. As a heathen cannibal and worshiper of false Gods, Crusoe never considers Friday anything other than a servant even when he later admits that he, Crusoe, “loves” Friday and cannot bear to see him leave his side. Over several months, Crusoe teaches Friday English, converts Friday to Christianity and has him swear off Cannibalism and renounce the false god Benamuckee. Defoe also has Friday speaking in “pigeon” English confirming his lesser status. Defoe has Friday happily accept his servant status as his rightful one. This White Protestant European Male supremacy is heavily promoted through the text. In my current enlighten state of mind concerning race and culture, Defoe’s treatment of Friday and everyone other than English Protestants is admittedly shocking. I think this is what it was like 300 years ago. In the book, the religious differences between the English and Spain were enough to justify killing each other if captured at sea.

The bigotry of the era is endemic and you cannot help but be offended and sensitized by the treatment of other religions and non-white people. This is another reason why I think you should read this book. It helps us see through other eyes how our own reality may distort our perceptions. This is especially true when confronted by other cultures

With perfect timing after the passing of the Healthcare fraud, next up is The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels.

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