Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mad for Decades

MAD FOR DECADES may be a departure from the nature and gravity of the previous book reviews but it is the latest book I finished reading. It was written by “ The Usual Gang Of Idiots”. This edition was published in 2007. It is a compilation of favorite comics, parodies, and such favorites as Spy versus Spy, and other favorite departments. It started with magazines published in the 50s and contined through the 90s. Many of the television shows which were parodied were unknown to me or at least I had never watched an episode. Examples include LA LEWD, SickER, GROSSANNE and more. I didn't always get the "joke". The volume was well over 1000 pages. Probably 200 pages were interesting. Some of the humor which I found irresistible in my youth has aged badly.So I have the book in hard copy if any of you are interested. Let me know I will try to get it to you.


  1. interesting - i love that you said some humor was irresistible to you in your youth - I would be interested in seeing what people really thought was funny through the 50s and 60s. can you blog an example?

  2. I wonder why my comment isn't showing up on your main page...