Monday, April 5, 2010

Response to Comments

Thanks for the comments! Sorry it has taken so long to respond. We moved Lillian this week to a new Assisted Living Home and it has been all consuming.
Marx and Engels did not necessarily think of these 10 principles. They simply recognized the critical path to Socialism/Communism, defined as government control of production, required these 10 elements.Public schools were debated and rejected by the founders as an example. My objections the the other 9 would fill volumes. To point out just a few would fill pages. How about a few lines?
Progressive income tax creates class warfare. Inheritance taxes magnify class envy. 50% of the workers in the US pay ZERO federal tax. With ZERO liability they are highly motivated to receive benefits and elect those who promise to tax only the rich (recently defined as those making over $200K) to provide these free benefits. Income redistribution defies the promise of government to protect the ownership of private property(income)and makes this property, public. It allows politicians to promise and deliver socialist programs like Obamacare soon to be followed by Cap and Tax, Amnesty and more by creating a government which has constituencies dependent on housing, food and now healthcare.
#6 Centralization of communications allows for more government interference. At one time, AT&T with government regulation, owned 100% of the telephone service in the US. Think the cable or DMV is bad, at that time "phone service" had its own definition. Deregulation and the destruction of the government monopoly was the beginning of the communication age.
#5 Again. Government interventions and regulations were 60-70% responsible for the banking collapse requiring the take over of these banks. If I thought Barny Frank and Chris Dodd were smart enough, I would believe they conspired through these congressional distortions of the market place as part of a well thought out plan on the march to Socialism. They aren't that smart. "Reasonable regulations and bank compliance with these mandates starting with the Community Investment Act and subsequent rules to prevent redlining encouraged banks to make loans to unqualified buyers. FREDDIE and FANNIE gave government guarantees to banks the make these bad loans and the FED used interest rates to join the party. Now when the bubble breaks, the government cripples banks with "mark to market" accounting rules. Suddenly bank reserve requirements skyrocket as the "Market value" of what were preforming assets (90% of these upside down loans were performing) decline causing instant bankruptcy and buyouts. The FED and the government didn't protect people, it was actively involved in ruining people.
This could go on for days...
Next post: Freemasonry. I read 2 books and will comment.
PS. Courtney is reading Atlas Shrugged, maybe she could comment. I read it several years ago and while its ideas still reverberate in my head, it was too long ago for me to make comments.


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  2. correction: You might enjoy The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. It was fascinating reading how Germany fell into naziism. I have also read Atlas Shrugged and loved getting a glimpse into a completely different way of thinking. One that has no faith in human kind. Quite depressing, but an interesting read.